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Why would you ever contract work to an out of state service when you can deal directly with a local photographer that wants to impress you?

Me/Us No, I am not royalty. This has been a one man show since inception. It’s getting difficult to provide the level of service and quality of work I expect from ME. As PDX Real Estate Photography grows the only thing you should notice is a higher level of service and product.

The quality of our work is excellent and the same can be said for some of our competition. It’s easy to compare apples to oranges, but how about comparing apples to apples.

I’m not going to make any disparaging remarks about the other guy. But I will list what you can expect from me, then you can ask my competitors if they also include the same or similar services.

Do we make a difference? 1 case study.

I understand that our real job is to sell you, as well as to help sell the property.

$195.00 – Basic Photo Package – 30 plus HDR images , online photo gallery, Branded and Un-Branded Virtual Tours
Combination discounts as more options are added, hey, we are already there but should be ordered at the initial booking as they will affect time on site.

The Price Grid
Samples of everything on one page

From us and included in my base price.
The competition.
Maintain an on-line portfolio of the homes you have listed (If we did the photography). When a potential seller ask what you will do to promote their property, you have something to show them.

Our Overall Clientele and  This weeks Broker Sample

This is what I do for a living; it’s not a part time gig for some extra money.
We are a local business, not an out of state corporation.
We do not have a 30 mile travel limit.
We only have a travel surcharge (maybe) for those way out there i.e. traveling to Bend or the Coast.
We provide as many images as it takes, not a limited number with additional charges for more.
ALL images and 360-Virtual Tour images are High Dynamic Range (HDR), not just a few.
A very clean and professional slide show to attach to the RMLS Virtual Tour link.
A 360-Vitual Tour of the home and property (additional, see pricing)
Quick Video Walk About of the home (additional, see pricing) The same video can be edited into a ZILLOW 2 minute video and uploaded to ZILLOW
Drones  (additional, see pricing)images
A 360 Video Tour (moving camera), A 360 Video camera is mounted on a robot and driven through the property provideing a truly emersive experience.
Stationary 360 video of each room (similar to a regular 360-virtual tour. but with video instead of HTML5 it can be posted on Social Media sites like YouTube and FaceBook.

Do we make a difference?

Please call us or fill out our short form to schedule a photo shoot.

Call (503)550-7774

We offer several transitions for the Slideshow. Please tell us your preference.Generally same day turnaround.

I have removed the contact form because it works most of the time. but I have recently had a few requests that got lost in the ether.
The best and fastest way to contact me is either with a phone call or a text message.

Please TEXT or CALL 503-550-7774 for the quickest response.