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Luxury Homes

An overcast day is an overcast day.

A mix of different light bulbs (incandescent, florescent and LED) at different wattage really messes with the colors.

A bright yellow room  will paint everything in it yellow, same with red, green etc. Now combine that with the mix of light bulbs.

To properly expose the room the windows will be hot spots, blown out.

This can be overcome, but it takes a lot of time and work, the colors need to massaged, the lights unsaturated, colors partially removed, Windows layered.

It takes time, lots of time.

It’s a shame that we can’t show a property as it is, and believe it or not, the camera shows what’s there, not what our mind wants to be there.

This is the hard part to say, we are photographing a home to sell it on the internet, we are not taking a picture to be included in an architectural publication. A single room shot for a publication takes hours to shoot, just one room. All bulbs are replaced, additional lighting is brought in and modeled and about 100 pictures are taken so 1 or 2 can be selected. That’s not what we do for $175.00 and a whole house.

We do have an alternate solution and it only cost an extra $100 or so. The color cast are just removed, windows layered, sky’s replaced and even twilight shots are created from daytime shots.

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sky replacements

color cast and windows

twilight shots