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About our Portfolio, most photography sites show you those amazing shots in that high rise luxury apartment, we show everything we take so you will have a better appreciation and expectation of what you will receive.

We also don’t mind showing you that we constantly try to improve our technique. The properties at the top of the list are better then the properties at the bottom of the list. We are evolving because of experience, equipment enhancements as well as software for processing.

Note: New for 2017, our 360 Virtual Tours are now gyroscope controlled and WEBVR ready, (WEBVR Requires Google Cardboard kit or 360 Virtual Reality headset). Sample may be viewed on out front/home page.

Ron Davis’ listing at 11345 NW Kenzie Ln, Portland, OR

Teri Steneck’s listing at 211 W Illinois St, Newberg, OR

Nancy Albro and Randy Thiessen’s listing at 42165 NW Banks Road Banks Oregon 97106

Matt Moore’s listing at 1518 Washington St, Lafayette, OR

Teri Steneck’s listing at 3307 Aldersgate Dr, Newberg, OR

Jorge Hasbun’s 2926 SW Multnomah Blvd, Portland, OR

Sonja Peterson’s listing at 104 W Oxford, Newberg, OR

Candice Fuller and Lisa Hinkle’s listing at 2580 SW Edgemoor Ave, Beaverton, OR

FSBO – 1305 SW Claremont Terrace, Portland, OR

LeeAnn Pack’s listing at 20534 NW Sedona Ln, Beaverton, OR

Terry Zaddack’s listing at 14601 SE 28th St, Vancouver, WA

Terry Zaddack’s listing at 16520 NE 22nd St, Vancouver, WA

Mei Su’s listing at 255 SW Harrison St, Portland, OR 1B

Carl Curtz and Jeff Nopper’s listing at 2455 Buck St, West Linn, OR

Lisa Hinkle and Candice Fuller’s listing at 1480 SW 211th Pl, Beaverton, OR

Shauna Stroup-Harrison’s listing at 7047 NE Rodney Ct, Portland, OR

Veta Holscher’s listing at 16990 SW Blanton St, Beaverton, OR

LeeAnn Pack’s listing at 1160 NE Horizon Loop, Hillsboro, OR

4579 NW 132nd Av Portland, OR

14568 NW Weible Way, Beaverton, OR

Jorge Hasbun’s listing at 15243 SE Bollam Dr, Clackamas, OR

Teri Steneck’s listing at 746 Corinne Dr, Newberg, OR

Greg Anderson’s listing at 26800 SW Regia Dr, Sheridan, OR

Joy Dickover’s listing at 15665 SW Bull Mountain Rd, Portland, OR

Melissa Lewis-Hutton’s listing at 16978 SE Ankeny St, Portland, OR

Greg Anderson’s listing at 46947 Lachance Rd, Grand Ronde, OR

Lynda Wadleys listing at 5242 Wedgewood Loop, Newberg, OR

Mariesa Peterson's listing at 2550 Triton Ct NW, Salem, OR

Block 88 - Avenue 5 Residential

The Zimmer

John Bacon and John Velez's listing at 17894 SW Arbela Ct, Beaverton, OR

David Peck’s listing at 19383 Westwood Dr, Oregon City, OR

Tara Egan’s listing at 12976 SE 129th Ct, Happy Valley, OR

Eman Sadek’s listing at 9835 SW Durham Rd, Tigard, OR

John Velez and John Bacon’s listing at 20378 S Monpano Overlook Dr, Oregon City, OR

Jorge Hasbun’s listing at 11636 Grouse Ln NE, Aurora, OR

Michelle Hill’s listing at 12773 S Union Hall Rd, Canby, OR

Linda Price’s listing at 527 NW Blair Loop, Sheridan, OR

LeeAnn Pack’s listing at 1500 Skyline Blvd, Portland, OR

Jennifer Welch’s listing at 3012 N Holladay Dr, Cornelius, OR

Gabe Terreson’s listing at 10660 SW Pathfinder Way, Tigard, OR

John Velez and John Bacon’s listing at 24395 NE Happy Hill Ln, Newberg, OR

Steve Sekora’s listing at 5681 SE Garnet Way, Milwaukie, OR

Matt Moore’s listing at 1190 SW Russ Ln, McMinnville, OR

10160 NW Oak Ridge Rd, Yamhill, OR – For Sale

Valerie Davis’ listing at 5427 Burbank St N, Keizer, OR

Steve Sekora’s listing at 6428 SE 139th Ave, Portland, OR

Veta Holscher’s listing at 914 Espana Ave N, Keizer, OR

Caralee Slowik’s listing at 408 NE Box Court, Sheridan, OR

Terri Fiyalko’s listing at 15773 Colvin Rd. Clatskanie, OR