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About our Portfolio, most photography sites show you those amazing shots in that high rise luxury apartment, we show everything we take so you will have a better appreciation and expectation of what you will receive.

We also don’t mind showing you that we constantly try to improve our technique. The properties at the top of the list are better then the properties at the bottom of the list. We are evolving because of experience, equipment enhancements as well as software for processing.

Diana Requa's listing at 1011 SE 141st Ct, Vancouver, WA

Rolando Huber's listing at 1625 NE Coburn Dr, McMinnville, OR

Bobbie Jager's listing at 2763 SE Lonny Ct, Hillsboro, OR

J.P. Praisler's listing at 14302 SW Azalea Pl, Tigard, OR

Carole Hoyer and Trevor Erion's listing at 5034 SE Martins St, Portland, OR

Tori Nicol's listing at 10660 SW Wilsonville Rd, Wilsonville, OR

Roy Widing's listing at 17769 Mt Angel Scotts Mills Rd NE, Silverton, OR

Lisa Thoele's listing at 1138 SW Fairview Ave, Dallas, OR

Melissa Lewis-Hutton's listing at 2035 SE 143rd Ave, Portland, OR

Teri Steneck's listing at 591 SW Alder St, Dundee, OR


Sandy Woods' listing at 414 Farm Way, Forest Grove, OR

Berta McKraig's listing at 1223 S Pennington Dr, Newberg, OR

Caralee Slowik's listing at 1949 SW Coast Ave, Lincoln City, OR

LeeAnn Pacxk's listing at 1170 NE 64th Ln, Hillsboro, OR

Val Delmar's listing at 15822 NE Schuyler St, Portland, OR

Mel Peters listing at 4259 Riverview Dr, West Linn, OR

Jenny Morrow's listing at 2323 Latona Dr NE, Keizer, OR

Donna Rash's listing at 1448 Meadow Ave, Silverton, OR

Rolando Huber's listing at 1804 NW Spanish Bay Dr, McMinnville, OR

Vijay Gopalswamy's listing at 252 NW Marsuda Terrace, Beaverton OR

Georgia Sohlstrom's listing at 13315 SW Kingston Pl, Tigard, OR

Georgia Sohlstroms listing at 6911 SE 48th Av, Portland, OR

Diana Requa's listing at 5200 NE 289th St, Battle Ground, WA

Dave and Laura Erickson's listing at 3411 Wildwood Ct NW, Salem, OR

Michelle Hill's listing at 15550 SE Kreder Rd, Dayton, OR