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About our Portfolio, most photography sites show you those amazing shots in that high rise luxury apartment, we show everything we take so you will have a better appreciation and expectation of what you will receive.

We also don’t mind showing you that we constantly try to improve our technique. The properties at the top of the list are better then the properties at the bottom of the list. We are evolving because of experience, equipment enhancements as well as software for processing.

Porch Light Vacation Rental Services – 2926 N Main St, Newberg, OR

Caralee Slowik’s listing at 18575 SE Amity Vineyards Rd, Amity, OR

Berta McKaig’s listing at 625 SW 9th St, Dundee, OR 97115, USA #17

Dianne and Jeff Yake’s listing at 15912 SW McCormick Hill Rd, Hillsboro, OR

Melissa Shaw (Lewis)’s listing at 2677 Woodsprite Ct, West Linn, OR

Jan Ferguson-Bresee’s listing at 1632 NE 150th Ave, Portland, OR

Eman Sadek’s Listing at 258 Cervantes Cir, Lake Oswego, OR

Ann Nava’s listing at 12161 SE Knapp Ln, Portland, OR

Ann Nava’s listing at 1638 SE Salmon St, Portland, OR

Vijay Gopalswamy’s Listing at 15185 NW Sweetgale Ln, Portland, OR

Eman Sadek’s Listing at 3187 SW 40th St, Gresham, OR

Eman Sadek’s Listing at 17456 SW Sarala St, Beaverton, OR

Diana Requa’s listing at 2308 Northeast 125th Avenue , Vancouver

Veta Holscher’s listing at 7502 SE Hacienda St, Hillsboro, OR

Melissa Shaw (Lewis)’s listing at 11530 NE Fargo St, Portland, OR

Alexander Sorokin’S Listing at 33223 SW Havlik Dr, Scappoose, OR

Rolando Huber’s listing at 1368 SW Fellows St, McMinnville, OR

Teri Steneck’s listing at 883 Washington Street, Lafayette, OR

Greg Anderson’s Listing at 1997 NW Penny Ln, McMinnville, OR

Terry Zaddack’s listing at 3200 NE 87th Ave, Vancouver, WA