A la Carte Vs. Package pricing?

A la Carte Vs. Package pricing?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get a package price on what you want and still have the ability to select the options that you wished to take advantage of? What if I could offer you a custom package that fits your specific needs at a price that is more affordable than the alternative a la carte pricing that is satisfied by different contractors.

What is worth more to you? All of your options being fulfilled under one roof at a package price or a la carte options by different contractors. Each individual contractor has to be scheduled, resulting in you or your clients taking more time off of work and out of busy schedules to be there for the multiple individuals. Finally, this also requires the services of a marketing representative that facilitates the scheduling of each of these contractors.

In-house ordering definitely has its pitfalls and I am committed to offering you an in-house alternative that makes sense financially, is convenient and that maintains continuity.

Of course in-house departments are encouraged to contact us and build packages that can be offered affordably and quickly.

I am able to do this because I am a local business owner and I stand behind my work because I take pride in what I do.

Samples of services and prices
Click here for 1 sample that has everything

Prices are based on (under 2500 sq feet)

1. HDR photography of the property, as many images as it takes.

  • Includes a slideshow of the pictures to link to the Virtual Tour RMLS link.

  • A branded video slideshow that is branded to you and posted to YouTube, Google+, Pinterest and Facebook as well as being Tweeted. That puts your name into the most popular social media sites on the internet for every listing we do for you.

2. 360 Virtual Tours of the structure and the property.

3. Matterport 360 tours with dollhouse.

4 .Video Walk About, this is a real video of entering the homes and walking through it, showing the flow. Realtor Voice Over available. This can also be edited to 2 minutes for a Zillow video.

5. Aerial (drone) images or video.

We will gladly provide discounts on multiple selections. You must decide what you want while we book the shoot so we can allow the extra time for each selection. Every shoot requires time for us to drive to the location and then home, we can discount additional services because we are already there and can deduct the travel.

6. Luxury Homes, something special. Replaced Skys and pulled windows and color cast removal. Additional $100.00

Please make request at time of shoot.

An example would be $195.00 for the photo shoot or $195.00 for a 360-Virtual tour (not Matterport, Matterport pricing is determined by the square footage). Order both and it’s only $320.00 not $390.00, add a video walk through, an extra $125.00 etc.

Matterport when combined with property photography is $125.00 under 2500 sq fr

and $175.00 if over 2500 sq ft.

Video work  are quoted because there is just too many variables to have a set price

Please visit http://PDXRealEstatePhotography.com and see samples or all of our work.

Bill Jones