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A la Carte Vs. Package pricing?

A la Carte Vs. Package pricing?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get a package price on what you want and still have the ability to select the options that you wished to take advantage of? What if I could offer you a custom package that fits your specific needs at a price that is more affordable than the alternative a la carte pricing that is satisfied by different contractors.

What is worth more to you? All of your options being fulfilled under one roof at a package price or a la carte options by different contractors. Each individual contractor has to be scheduled, resulting in you or your clients taking more time off of work and out of busy schedules to be there for the multiple individuals. Finally, this also requires the services of a marketing representative that facilitates the scheduling of each of these contractors.

In-house ordering definitely has its pitfalls and I am committed to offering you an in-house alternative that makes sense financially, is convenient and that maintains continuity.

Of course in-house departments are encouraged to contact us and build packages that can be offered affordably and quickly.

I am able to do this because I am a local business owner and I stand behind my work because I take pride in what I do.

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