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Pulled Windows and Color Casting


Beating the Gloom. Overcast grey sky’s, no ‘pop’. or it’s just to bright outside. It seems like it’s one or the other.

With the gloom there isn’t any zing to the landscape and the sky is just grey, and if it’s bright, well all the windows are washed out. What’s outside?, haven’t a clue because the windows have become a hot spot.

There is a solution, sky’s can be replaced and windows pulled but this takes both time and labor. Our average shoot consists of 40 to 50 pictures. We just can’t replace all those sky’s and work on the views and keep our excellent pricing excellent. It just takes to much extra time.

Our solution is tiered pricing. Our standard package is what we do now, all images blended and edited, straightened and cropped. But windows and sky’s are as they are. Our Premium package will consist of everything we already do, but sky’s will be replaced, windows scenes enhanced and more time spent on color cast balancing. The premium package will be just $100.00 additional and will take approximately another 24 to 36 hours for completion.