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Compare me to the competition – an open letter.

PDX Real Estate Photography

Real Estate Photography as an art form is here. No longer are out of focus, poorly lit rooms and crooked walls acceptable. Your sellers expect you to present their property professionally.

If you don’t, they will seek a broker who will.

I encourage you to compare what a professional photographer offers as we are not all the same and what is offered isn’t the same either. While comparing our work, compare our basic and premium packages as well. The first thing you should notice is their samples and their ‘Premium add-ons include’ section.

Their samples are great. They are a few of the very best pictures they have taken. My samples are everything I have taken. I present everything because not every home you are selling is a mansion or loft apartment with unlimited views. They are just ordinary homes in regular neighborhoods, they are the bread and butter that supports all of us.

Their ‘Premium add-ons include‘ section lists the additional cost for HDR, more than 16 shots, additional panoramas, etc.

I don’t have a ‘Premium add-ons include‘ section because it’s all provided in the basics. I shoot as many pictures as it takes, and do panoramas of every room and even outside if it warrants. All my pictures and panoramas are HDR, all of them. In fact I have taken to the next step, my HDR is no longer a set of bracketed photos but two sets of bracketed photos, one set with flash and one set without. I believe this give the best lit homes and most natural colors. Without the added flash you just can’t control the orange light from incandescent lighting and wild mix when a room has incandescent, halogen, led and maybe florescent lighting. Since my samples are posted in descending order you will see the improvement from excellent pictures to outstanding picture.

And 99% percent of the time you get pictures the same day, not 24 hours. Never later than the next morning, even if I have to work all night to keep that promise.

Call me at 503-550-7774 so I can help you stand out from the crowd.

Bill Jones




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