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Video Walk About’s

This has been a very good year for all of us, listings are up as well as the actual sales. You have been busy and so have I.

It’s easy to run with the flow, if it works, don’t change it. The problem is that when you don’t evolve, you become stagnant, and that becomes a slow death. I don’t want that to happen, I want to keep evolving and growing and to do so I have to keep thinking as well as acting out of the box.

So what does that mean to you? well first off I hired my stepson to help with the computer processing. He is a full time student and father and the extra cash keeps them going. But helping family only goes so far, he has to bring a skill set to the table. Aaron’s skill set is that he is meticulous and driven to do his best. I don’t pay him by the hour but by the job. This gives him the opportunity work faster and earn more, and the risk becomes sloppy work. I am pleased to report his attitude is the opposite, he wants to take his time, he wants to do it right. What does this mean to you, my clients, a better product.

What does this mean to me? the opportunity to offer you more. I now offer a video walk about of the property. I go through the home with a gimble stabilized video camera and try to convey the flow of the home. This video is kept short as to retain viewer interest. The Walk About does not replace good photography but is designed to augment it.

Next month I will also be offering drone photography.

By freeing up the time I spend processing the properties images I can now spend more time developing improved and expanded presentations for the homes that require something extra.


Gallery Main Level

Gallery Upper Level and Lower Entertainment

Gallery Exterior


Gallery Shop


360-Virtual Tour Main Level

360-Virtual Tour Upper Level

360-Virtual Tour Lower Entertainment

A very quick walk about – Drive and Pond


A very quick walk about – Main Level


A very quick walk about – Upstairs


A very quick walk about – Downstairs Entertainment


A very quick walk about – Exterior


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