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It is a new year and we are off to a great start. 2019 promises to be a good year, but the market has matured. Gone are the days of just listing a property for a high price and it will sell in a week.

Today is more about marketing than ever before and the largest segment of buyers are the millenials. This means your buyers are Tech Savvy.   They shop on the Internet and narrow their choices before they ever call you.


As a photographer and video-photographer I hear many comments from the sellers as I photograph their homes.  In a nut shell, they boil down to ‘I can’t believe the horrible pictures we see on the RMLS and Zillow’ and ‘We won’t waste our time looking at a property that doesn’t appeal to us online’.

PDX RE Photography and Video has been helping you sell your listings for 6 years now. This is what we do for a living, full time. When you need a home shot right away, we find a way to get on our schedule. Now don’t think we don’t prefer a well planned schedule, but when you have an emergency we will do all we can to accommodate your needs.


Our work is great and to prove it, we have every property we have shot on our web site.  If you need a reference or referral , then check out our referral page. This is an active page that updates as the work is done.

There are currently 24 Realtors listed that we have shot over 15 properties for, one in the 80’s.  To me that’s a testimonial.

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If you would like to meet in person, we will have a table at this years 2019 RMLS Trade Fair. This is the 4th year we have attended. Table 7, can’t miss us.

We prefer to build a good relationship.  We want to be your partner, not just a name on a list, and the more we work for you the better we can style for you.

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PDX Real Estate Photography

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