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I do Real Estate, and it’s not easy and it takes a lot of time, maybe not so much at the shoot location, but that’s not where the work is.

This is also a working description of what exposure fusion or HDR consists of

Let us have a real life run through. Here is a den with a window scene, I have taken 9 different exposures as you can see below. Your wedding photographer, Realtor next to you with his new digital camera, or neighbors son will not give you a better image then the best one presented. And the walls will not be straight.

This means that if I take 50 different pictures of a property, I now have to process 450 images. And we are not even talking about the 360-Virtual Tour.

I currently use a Canon 5d MK II, each image is 21 mega-pixels on a full frame sensor.That means the end picture I provide was merged/combined from 189 mega-pixels of data.

Here is the raw combined image, but we are far from done.
Here it has been adjusted to where I want it, a little contrasty but that will be dealt with later.
Now we are in Photoshop and making sure the walls are straight even though they looked good before.
Next step is to correct for the lens distortion, this straightens any bowing effects from the wide angle lens.
Our final crop.
Here we bring back our outdoors scene. Then a final contrast adjustment and save.
Finally our picture, ready for the RMLS and other ads. Done, not yet.   Like Robin Williams and Golf, I still have to do this 49 more times.
_MG_5566-HDR 2
Ask your photographer what you can expect from them, ask about their workflow.This was easy, can’t wait to tell you about creating the 360 Virtual Tour and building the Gallery and the Slideshow.

Bottom line, you get what you pay for, and on any Home, this is what the seller expects.

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