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I Invented it!!

This has become a common theme with companies claiming they invented a new process, that’s why it looks so good and you need to work with them exclusively.

ELC – Enhanced Lighting Compression , new? I don’t think so. If it quacks like HDR and walks like HDR, then it’s probably HDR. High Dynamic Range has been around for a while, it consists of multiple images taken at different exposures and then combined to bring out the shadows and lessen the highlights.

Processed in our ELC or HDR studio, studio? well I guess our few computers and monitors could be considered a studio, or it could just be my loft work station.

Images combined with our propitiatory software? Should read ‘tweaked in Photoshop or Lightroom with a couple of presets we adjusted. Photoshop or Lightroom can be exchanged with any number of new HDR programs.

Well this is just what I do, except I have fine tuned several presets for different lighting and kelvin ranges, and I process and further tweak each image. Then I open it in Photoshop for the final cropping, straightening, etc.

Bottom line, take these claims with a grain of salt. If you like their work then use them, I hope you like mine better though.

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