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E-Mail January 2015

PDX Real Estate Photography


My job is to sell you!

Why did you hire me to provide great marketing tools for the home you list? Most would say to sell the house, well if that’s the case your missing out on what the real reasons should be.

Your goal should be to sell you, increase your listing load and market share. Not every house is going to sell, no matter how great the presentation is, so you had better have more homes on the market. That’s what my real job is, to sell you.

When you go on that listing presentation you have to sell yourself to the seller. You have to show them what you are willing to do to sell their home for them, you have to show the seller that you are making an investment in them and the best way to get their attention is provide professional photography, virtual tours and maybe even live video. They want to know you are committed.

Why am I telling you this, easy, I want your business. That’s why I post every house I shoot and give credit to you. It’s a lot of work doing this and I don’t do it for the entertainment, I do it to make you look good. If I do my job right, your listings will increase, more homes will sell and you will keep hiring me to build your portfolio.

Did you know that you can bookmark your portfolio and show it to your new seller? You can show them what you are going to do for them.

Wouldn’t you like to sit down and show your seller something like this on your iPad, iPhone, Android tablet or phone.


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