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Drones, we are local, licensed and insured.

Real Estate and the Drone. Gosh, it seems like I get an email for drone services every other day. Now I haven’t anything against emails for services that pertain to my business, but I do get tired of the same email every week.

Funny that I should start this email this way because that’s what I am doing, offering you a drone service.

What makes us different is that first and foremost, we are local. We are not a service that sends out any available operator with a license, kind of like some RE photography and tour companies do.

We are LOCAL, what you see is what you get. We are also insured. We carry a 3 million dollar business policy and a separate 1 million dollar drone policy. Something goes wrong, they have to go through us first. And yes, something can always go wrong.

You’re selling Real Estate, what can the drone do for you? That elevated beauty shot is nice but the real value comes from showing location, how close is that school, park or other neighborhood attraction, what is the shape of the property, even residential properties can benefit from that.

Commercial? How about the outlying neighborhoods and shopping centers. A commercial buyer of a ‘Jack n the Box’ wants to know what surrounds the business.

Your job is to sell it, our job is to give you the tools to sell it and to sell you!

Here is a quick video  SAMPLE.

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