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I have added a new menu item, the Daily Drop. Unfortunately email with links has it’s issues, If I send you your pictures in an email (which I will continue to do) every now and again you don’t get them. Especially if you have a generic email like gmail, hotmail, and yahoo.

When I email out your pictures I will also add a post to the Daily Drop so if you don’t receive the email you can just come here and get them.

When the branded tour that is posted to YouTube is done it will be on my YouTube channel. It is usually done a day or so after the shoot. I also share it on my facebook page and on twitter to help you receive all the exposure I can.





Thank you for hiring Property Tours – PDX Real Estate Photography and Video to provide the pictures for inclusion into the RMLS.

Photography Charges are $175.00

Payments can be made at https://pdxrealestatephotography.com/payments/

For returning clients I will just post the image and tour links first.

(our choice)
2×3 aspect ratio is a wider view of the room or scene but you will have a narrow white bar above and below the images on the RMLS

1. 2×3 aspect Images, select and download individual pictures from a gallery.

2 2×3 aspect RMLS images, download a zip file of all of the images for the RMLS.

4×3 aspect ratio gives a narrower view but you will not have the white bar above and below the images on the RMLS

3. 4×3 aspect Images, select and download individual pictures from a gallery.

4. 4×3 aspect RMLS images, download a zip file of all of the images for the RMLS.

5. Virtual tour link for the RMLS – see below. This will include the Gallery, 360-tour if ordered and the Quick Video Walk/Fly About if ordered.

6. Branded Virtual Tour, do not use on RMLS, use to promote YOU to your sphere of influence.


7. Matterport direct link

8. Walk About Video on YouTube

9. Fly About Video on YouTube

To get started promoting your listing, you will want to SHARE this post.

You can do this from this link (the best way)

I have already shared it to my twitter account, my Pinterest account and my Facebook business Page. The more the video is shared the more often it will be in the Google search engine and you will be found.

Even though you can’t self promote in the RMLS listing, you can use the Branded YouTube as your virtual tour in Redfin, Zillow etc.

# 6. Your page at PDX Real Estate Photography. We are here to promote you and one of the best ways we have found is to give you your own page. If you book mark this page you will find it’s a great tool in selling yourself to your own clientele. Show them what you will do for them, how you will market their property and make it stand above the competition.


For new clients I will explain the above links.

Link 1. This will bring up a gallery online showing all your pictures in a thumbnail form. Click on any thumbnail and you will see a large version of the picture. It’s this image that you can right click with your mouse and save to a folder on your computer. You would then upload the saved image to the RMLS as is. This image is 1800x pixels and should not be re-sized to 640×480. The RMLS will do this for you.

Also under Link 1 and 3 are original, full sized images for high resolution print use. These are located UNDER the ‘large version’ as a link.

Link 2. This is a zip file of all of the pictures sized to 1800x  pixels. Click on the link and the file named rmlsimages.zip will be saved to your computer. You may need a utility to un compress the pictures and save them to a folder. I recommend 7-zip, a free utility available on the internet. It will come with instructions.

Note: when right clicking and saving or downloading the zip file, the browser (Windows Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, etc) will automatically download the files into the c:\users\name\downloads folder. If you wants files saved elsewhere you will need to provide the path, the browsers settings also allow for you to have any path set as your default.

5. This is the url that points to the Virtual Tour that the RMLS provides for. In the RMLS this is located under misc. and then remarks. I provide an online slideshow of the property images. This the url will look something like this:

Sample Text, not real.

This link url will also include the 360-virtual tour if it was ordered and Quick Video Walk About if ordered.

I don’t know why this couldn’t be linked into your listing at Zillow, Trulia, etc.

Bill Jones
PDX Real Estate Photography

Samples of what we offer and Prices