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Aerial Photography

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FAA Remote Pilots License plus $1,000,000.00 Umbrella Policy
It’s a $1000.00 fine (per instance) if not legal and the Realtor is liable as well. Don’t speculate, know the law.
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Back to Drone or not to Drone, well my answer is YES. I have tried poles, extensions and jumping up why clicking. The last, not a pretty sight.

A year ago I discovered a drone team from Switzerland that was seeking funding and had designed the drone of my dreams, one that wouldn’t fly away, would not eat trees, used the best video technology and could even be used indoors, hey, we can fly from room to room if the Hummels are put away :-).

Yes, that sounds like a joke, but how about a drone that could be used to illustrate warehouses, barns and maybe the foyer of one of those 6000 square foot homes on the hill. After a year of engineering refinements, electronics and production manufacturing it’s ready.


But sometimes you need more and I have that covered as well.


Need a video or pictures of the ‘grounds’ ? Want to tie together the video of the mile long driveway, walk through the estate and then the impressive landscape. Look no further.

Take a break, cook dinner with your drone

All of our work consists of the fusion principle where possible. Commonly known as HDR we prefer to think of our approach as the melding of multiple exposures to provide an image that’s as true to real life as possible and limited to the dynamic range of the base medium. These high definition images are attractive and draw the viewers attention in to the detail.

Gallery (Aerial images in HDR) Just click on the image

Drones or the View From Above
Just click on the image


Stability in 40mph winds
Just click on the image


The cost? Let me surprise you with how affordable it can be.

The best part, no multiple appointments, the aerial guy, then the 3D guy, the photographer guy, then ….

The Price Grid

Just one call and then one appointment. Call (503)550-7774

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