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2018 What’s new for the 2018 year

The first thing of note isn't entirely new for 2018 but close enough. There is a new photographer on board. Many of you have already met Francene as she has been going out on calls with me full time for the past 2 months and part-time, off and on the past 6 months. Francene will be primarily working Yamhill County and Marion County with a bit of crossover.

After 6 months I feel confident that you will not be let down, our overall mission is to be consistent, yet improving. There are not any mavericks here, if something has the potential to improve our product, we discuss it and try it. There have been many properties that we shoot twice, having RMLS access allows us to take longer than you want to hang around, do some experimenting and then compare the two takes. This gives you the best product possible, not once but everytime you hire us.


Francene Jones

Also not new, but not widely know is that we do have RMLS access. Give us a time to do the shoot and stay in your office or attend meetings more important than babysitting your photographer. Having access gives you the peace of mind knowing we have the same ethical standards and liability insurance as you carry.

Speaking of insurance, also not new this year, but generally not known is that we carry $3,000,000.00 in business liability and a separate $1,000,000.00 policy for our Drones.

Now to what's new. Virtual Tours. But we have always provided virtual tours. What will be new for 2018 is an attempt to soft brand the tours. We can't have your name and contact info on it (except for our totally branded Facebook and YouTube version, but that's been given to you for several years now). Soft branding is an attempt to be subtle by using the colors of your brokerages. Coldwell Banker Blue with white, Berkshire Hathaway purple with white. Valley Realty with black and gold.   Generic Basic Grey

Selling Real Estate isn't the easiest of occupations to have and even if that first listing came easy, the second one probably will not be easy. You have to work your territory as well as your sphere of influence. You have to stand out and you have to offer more. Giving you the tools to market your listing is only 1/2 of our job. The other half is to give you the tools to market yourself. Stand above the the crowd.

Did you know that our work just started when we showed up to photograph or video your property. That was the easy part. We then spend hours processing the images and video, we combine multiple exposures to provide the best exposure and color balance available. We then build your virtual tour. Every presentation we build is platform independent. View on your phone, tablet or computer, We don't care about the operating system, the tours show fine on all of them.

We also build a Branded to you Video Slideshow and post it on Facebook and YouTube, we then share the YouTube version to Pinterest, Google Plus and Twitter. Then we post your listing to our web site and share the page to Linkedin. And we do all this at no extra cost to you.

If this sounds good to you then call us and schedule our services for your next listing.

Even better, hire us to for all of your brokerage's listings and we will build a presentation that will be completely unique and can be linked into your website if desired.

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