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Why would you use PDX Real Estate Photography instead of the Brokerage Marketing Department.

That’s easy, consistency and who we work for.

We work for YOU, the Brokerage Marketing department works for the Brokerage.

It’s our job to not only help you sell the property you are representing, but to help you sell your services, or YOU.

I have been in the Real Estate business for over 4 decades and I do not know of a single career Realtor that stayed with only one brokerage or not gone independent.  So why does all your past marketing material promote you second, not first. Why would you want to be inconsistent with your marketing.

I am not suggesting you change Brokerages, I’m suggesting you really realize that you work for YOU.

When you hire us to take some pictures and throw together some sort of ‘video’ for a virtual tour you also want us to sell You, and then the brokerage (because Oregon RE guidelines require you to include your brokerage in all non RMLS/MLS property sales material)

That’s what we try to do, all of our ‘Virtual Tours’ are consistent, when you change Brokerages, ‘Your’ virtual tours and online marketing continue to promote you making transitions easier and less evasive. Did you know that we even make a separate Branded video (branded to You) and post it on YouTube, And we post it directly to Facebook, that video is also shared on Pinterest, Google+ and Tweeted. Our website post of your listing is also shared to Linkedin. That’s your name being indexed on at least 6 different social media sites. Your Brokerage in-house marketing isn’t doing that for you.

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