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** Testimonials **

It’s easy to say we took 7000 properties in the last 5 years, That’s like the 3-D 360 photographer that told me it takes 2 to 3 hours to shoot a home and he does 20 a day.

Below is an accurate count of what we do, it is dynamic so it’s up to date. Why do I show you this, because we are established, been here since 2014 and don’t plan on going away. We do quality work for a fair price and you won’t have any surprises.

Properties Taken 1193
Aerial – Drone 129
360 3D tours 451
Video Tours 73
Different Realtors 343
Property Management 30

Testimonials are great, ‘Bill is great’, ‘Gorgeous work’, ‘Incredible delivery’ gee, I could write these all day. If you want valid testimonials, then I would say if you have used my again, that’s a pretty good testimonial. So below are Realtors that have had me shoot 15 or more properties for them. Not 2 or 3 but 15 or more. I think that’s a pretty good testimonial.

Teri Steneck, Valley Realty Professionals 78
LeeAnn Pack, Pack First Realty 41
Dianne & Jeff Yake, Easy Street Realty 30
Robert Delavan, Source Realty 22
David Peck, Real Estate Performance Group 22
Jessica Payne, Coldwell Banker 20
Beth Jacobsen, Windermere 18
Mark Wade, Mark Wade Real Estate 18
Greg Anderson, EXP 19
Caralee Slowik, Coldwell Banker 17
Marissa Peterson, Premiere Property Group 17
Rohit Roy Sachdeva, Source Realty 17
Jorge Hasbun, Summa Real Pro 15
Kris Horn, Coldwell Banker 15
Liz Heller, Bella Casa 15
World Wide Realty 19