RMLS, why can’t they get it right?

Okay I am ranting, but please someone tell me why the RMLS uses the 4.3 aspect ratio. It’s not the dark ages anymore, our monitors, and I mean ALL of them displays images larger then 640×480. The dark ages are over. I am a photographer, I use professional equipment based on the industry standard 35mm film size. I don’t and I hope my competition doesn’t shoot with cell phones or Instamatics.

It’s time for the mls’s to move into NOW. The 35mm format is a 3.2 ratio, what does this mean to you? It means wide angle images that are not distorted. In the past the RMLS stretched images to fit their 4.3 or 640×480 ratio, I am glad they stopped doing that, but still preferring 4.3 or 640×480 they are doing us all an injustice.

Below are a couple of examples of what I am talking about. The pictures on the right look larger but actually show less of the rooms.

 0007_2414ne19thavenue  0007_2414ne19thavenue
 0013_32280swrightroad  0013_32280swrightroad
 0014_13004nwwillisroad  0014_13004nwwillisroad2

What happens if you upload an images like the ones on the left is a white space above and below the picture is added, Why, because it is now in a 4.3 ratio. The problem is when images are taken from the rmls for brochures this white top and bottom goes with them, yuck.

Remove the box code from the photo manager and stop telling you to format for 640×480 and stop asking for a specific ratio as this confuses some brokers. The RMLS photo manager should just handle this transparently. This isn’t rocket science, it’s just modern technology.

How do you want your listings to look? Tell the RMLS what you want. As for me, well I prefer 3.2 but I work for you.

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