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PDX Real Estate Photography

Selling season is here, the rain has let up and the sun is out.

Those new listing you have been working on are coming together. To present them in the best possible fashion you need professional photography and captivating virtual tours.

Your best use of time is to get the listing and sell the home so let me help with the marketing and presentations.

That said, I am getting busy as well, I try my hardest to schedule you into the time slots you want but sometimes I can’t do it. If you want me to be available, plan ahead and get me scheduled in advance, not the day before if possible.

If your an existing client you may have missed some of the new exciting things I do for you.

Photography, a mix of HDR fusion with flash added to get the accurate colors and dynamic range possible. Every image is processed this way.

How many? as many as it takes.

I provide and on-line gallery for the RMLS virtual tour link even if you didn’t purchase the 360-Virtual Tour.

I convert the gallery into a BRANDED YouTube video for your distribution. I then post the links to Twitter and our Face Book page. This gives you additional exposure.

360-Virtual Tours, same HDR Fusion is used and I do all the rooms that will help sell the home, not 1 or 2.

You have a portfolio on my web site, please visit and check it out. Just click on “Our Clients and their portfolios”

I post every home we shoot, the great, not so great and the rest. Just click on “Our Photography and Virtual Tours”

I shoot for Property Managers.

I do before and after sessions for builders and re-modelers.

This and more is readily available on my web site, right in the top menu, not hidden.

Want more information, just call me,

Bill Jones
Pdx Real Estate Photography

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