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E-Mail January 2014

No Longer Offered



Has anyone ever said, ‘If it doesn’t sell, forget it, don’t pay me.’ ?

Well, that’s what I’m saying. Hire me to do your photo and tour work and if it doesn’t sell, forget it, don’t pay me.

Why should you gamble on me.

  • There’s a good chance I’m going make you some good money.
  • If you already have a photographer and utilize sites like Visual Tours, Tour Factory etc. I will save you money.
  • There’s a good chance I’m going to make you look good.
  • You have nothing to lose, sure you pay me when the house sells, but maybe it was my presentation that sold it.
  • If the property does not sell, you do not have to pay me.
  • Very reasonable pricing.



One link the that will take you to my web site and show you what I have done for a couple Realtors at Propertytours.us


  • I take a lot of pictures so you and the seller can decide what will show best.
  • I can take elevated shots if the property lends itself to that.
  • Every picture is a composite of 9 or more shots taken at different exposures then blended to achieve the best (NATURAL) tonal range and shadow control (YES, every picture).
  • Every picture has been straightened, aligned and cropped to best effect.
  • I do true 360 rotational panoramas for our virtual tours. Our tour opens full screen on every device. Compiled in both Flash and HTML 5 our tours can be viewed on all platforms (Windows, Mac, Android and yes, even the iPad).
  • I host our own showcase that promotes the property and the Broker.
  • I Host the Virtual Tour on my servers. (A tour generally consists of 150 plus megabytes of data).

I also photograph Vacation Rentals and desinations. Vacation homes compete against other rentals in the same area. Give a better presentation, get more customers.


I would be happy to visit an office meeting and better explain how I can help increase sales and maybe help develop an office continuity that would better reflect the Brokerage.

Bill Jones

http://propertytours.us an Oregon Company

(503) 550-7774

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