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Summertime and that bright sun creates its own issues when photographing a property. We get more lens flare and hot spots and there isn’t a simple solution to this.

1. When you have to shoot into the sun, that blue sky turns white and we get that rainbow of colored disks floating through the picture.

2. That bright sun on one side and the other side is in shadows, we can stand there and our eyes adjust but take a picture and you can expose for the bright area or the shadows, either solution looks terrible. This is the same as shooting inside a home, that bright light coming through the window will just be a white glow if you expose for the room itself.

How do we solve the SUN issues?

For number 1, it’s experience, you just have to shoot into the sun so many times that you know how to do it. No software to save the day, just experience.

For number 2, bright windows inside, I take multiple exposures of the same scene, some under exposed and some over, then I blend them together until I get a well lit room and well controlled windows or a yard that’s inviting, it’s a lot of work but someone has to do it.

Sellers are also buyers and buyers do most of their shopping Online, they know what they are looking for and take note of the presentation because when they switch to being the seller they want a Realtor that will provide that high level of presentation, and that’s why you call me.

Visit my web site, ALL of my work is viewable, the good, bad and ugly. A sow’s ear is still a sow’s ear but I try to make it look like a silk purse.

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Bill Jones
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