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Being a team player

Are we successful, have our goals been reached and are we content with our business. When it comes to Real Estate sales we have to keep asking ourselves these questions, after all, we are self employed.

What makes this work for those that are successful seems to be split, either you are very driven, and working at it all the time or you are part of a well oiled team.

In the years that I have been involved in Real Estate, I have noticed that the team players have more leisure time and are just less stressed. This is because the workload is delegated and it’s assumed that everyone is doing their job.

So what does this have to do with us, well independent contractor’s such as PDX Real Estate Photography and Video can also be part of many teams and the difference is how we interact. Why would you want to have me on your team, whether you are a lone wolf or establish team, my answer would be stress, or the lack of it.

  • Instead of ‘Someone find a photographer’ it would be ‘Did you call Bill’
  • How soon will the turn around be, will be known.
  • Will the pictures look like their website, will be known. BTW every property taken is posted on our website, no surprises even if this our first time working together.
  • Can they fit us in, I’m part of the team, of course I’ll work you in.
  • It’s a long way out there, if I’m shooting all your properties then it averages out.
  • I only list one home a year, doesn’t matter, it’s more about the relationship and next year will be easier than this year..
  • And if your busy, I have RMLS access, and am fully insured.

This email is about relationships. I want to be part of your team, not a commodity. And in return, you have a photographer that provides HDR images, 360 3D tours, drone images and video as well as video walk abouts on your team.

Bill Jones – 503-550-7774

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