2017 What’s new and here. (Not a wish list)

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New for 2017

What a year.  Now we go on to the good stuff. There is so much good stuff out there.  Just imagine what it can do for your business.

Doing what I do is a balancing act.  I want to offer the best, not just acceptable.

This past year I offered beautiful 360-virtual tours.  These where easy to navigate, one click from room to room, and completely user controlled or automatic.

514ypqknitl-_ac_us160_For 2017 the 360-Virtual Tours will also be WEBVR capable as well as gyroscopic controlled by your SmartPhone, iPhone or Tablet.

360-Virtual Tour
Just click on the image and look for the headset icon


Just back to Photography

Of all the media at your disposal, the Stand Alone images should always be number 1.  Everything else that we offer should come after those stunning images. Check Our Photography and Virtual Tours . These aren’t samples.  They are what we are doing out in the field.

Gallery (this is our standard on-line gallery format)
Just click on the image

Motion Video

I have tried the large video productions, cranes, dolly’s and sliders but they just take too long. Too long to set up, too long to produce, too long too edit, too long to process and too long to view. That’s too many ‘too longs’.

This past fall I started experimenting with a handheld 3-Axis Motorized Gimbal.  I may shake, rattle and roll but the video doesn’t. These short Walk About’s are not designed to replace that large video production, but to augment the listing for you. And they don’t cost you very much.

Quick Video Walk About
Just click on the image

For a real experience we have added 360 Video (motion camera)
Not all properties lend themselves to 360 video, but the ones that do, wow.

360 Video Tour – Motion Camera

360 Video Tour – Stationary Camera

 Aerial shots, up, up and away. Those wonderful drones. They open up so many possibilities but they come with regulations. There are areas they are forbidden and down right dangerous. Is your drone operator FAA Part 107 certified? If not, you may be just as liable as they are.

Safety first.  That’s why I fly the DJI Phanton 4.  It is the safest stand alone drone out there, and it’s intelligent. Tell it what to do and let it do it’s work. When done it comes back and lands at your feet just like my Golden Retriever.


Besides having a great drone, I can provide you with aerial still images that are HDR and comparable to the standard RMLS images that this company was built on.

Gallery (Aerial images in HDR) Just click on the image

What if you need the same stunning shots but from a location that flying a drone would be unwise if not illegal? Or maybe you wanted shots inside a warehouse, of a grand foyer? I have you covered there as well.

Gone are the ladders, the extra tall tripods. Enter the Kite, That’s right.  A Kite with propellers and a camera.


Always under control because it’s on a leash. And the leash has 100 foot range (a 2 story home is under 30 feet) and the controller talks to the kite.



Motion Video – Aerial

The little home on the corner may not warrant a fly over, but that ranch or estate may be just crying for a lift up to capture the view or pool.  It may be a couple of minutes of Estate overview or maybe just a few seconds of bling.

Drones or the View From Above
Just click on the image


Stability in 40 mph winds
Just click on the image


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