High definition photography provides images that stand out and draw attention to themselves. In this very competitive Real Estate industry it’s important to stand out. I also provide an interactive on-line gallery of the pictures.

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Virtual tours are also in High Definition and are real 360×180 covering the whole room; floor to ceiling, wall to wall, not just a spin. My Virtual tours are interactive, use the mouse and look around. Just like a buyer will do when they visit the property.

360-Virtual Tour

Located south or Portland we cover a huge area, Vancouver to Salem, as well as Banks to Gresham (sweet talk me, and who know how far out I will go).

PDX Real Estate photography is NOT a part time company, it’s real and it’s full time. This means I can usually find a time slot within a day or two, not 3 weeks out. And I am a team player.

My rates are more than competitive and we can generally provide your picture and tour in the same day.

In addition to the RMLS Virtual Tours and slide shows I provide a fully branded YouTube Video for promoting the Property AND the Broker.


Please call us or fill out our short form to schedule a photo shoot.


  • $175.00 – Photograph Property, as many photos as it takes (I have always provided more than 30 images if possible)
  • $175.00 – 360-Virtual Tour, all major rooms and points of interest
  • $275.00 Photography and 360 Virtual Tour (30+ images)
  • Branded YouTube slideshow, no additional charge  Our YouTube Channel
  • NEW – Dual shoot for RMLS and full magazine, book print use. $350.00

Order one service and save $75.00 on an additional service.

Samples of all three

 Commercial Rates

Generally same day turnaround.

We offer several transitions for the Slideshow. please tell us your preference.

Contact PDX Real Estate Photography